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Our Lodge, "Obreros de Hiram" #24, is located in the Bay of Cadiz (Southern Spain) and is formed by freemasons of all kinds and beliefs, as well as coming from different towns of our province. It was named after former Cadiz lodges such as the 19th-century "Hijos de Hiram" (Sons of Hiram) or the 20th-century "Obreros de Hiram" (Workers of Hiram), name that reminds of the architect of Solomon's Temple. It is an allegory of the necessary contribution of each individual to build a better society.

Freemasonry, one of the most ancient initiatic fratenities, seeks the improvement of the human being by transmitting and teaching a ritual symbolic method that every freemason is able to apply to himself and his social environment, once known and assimilated.

The province of Cadiz has always been a reference point in the history of Spanish Freemasonry, because of its amount of lodges, as well as its number of members. Located in the meeting point of maritime routes among three continents (Europe, Africa and America), Cadiz has been the most suitable place where to intensely share new ideas. Since the Cadiz Golden Age (18th century) until nowadays, Freemasonry has continuously been present except for repressive periods of absolutism or dictatorship.


Obreros de Hiram nº 24 | Masonería Cádiz

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