Obreros de Hiram nº 24 | Masonería CádizWhat is Freemasonry?

The aim of the following lines is to clarify some frequently asked questions about Freemasonry, trying to stop rumors that we hear about our Order every day. After reading, we hope you will have an own well-founded opinion about what Freemasonry really is.

Freemasonry is a philosophical, philanthropic, fraternal institution whose highest objective is to stimulate the moral and intellectual improvement of men and peoples, seeking the universal fraternity.

It is a voluntary association of men that gathers more than six million members thoughout the world. Its origin is lost in antiquity.

It is a fraternal society that accepts every free man of good habits and reputation, without distinction as to race, religion, political ideas or social position.

It is a moral conduct system where it is learnt to control vices, passions, ambitions, hate and wish for vengeance, that make mankind suffer.

It is based in the beliefe in a Supreme Being, whom we call Great Architect of the Universe, as the beginning and cause of everything. It is not important by what religion should this belief be practised by every brother, since Freemasonry counts among it people of all beliefs.

Its members are taught by dramatized ritualistic ceremonies that follow the ancient traditions and customs of the Cathedral builders.

Freemasonry induces its members to reform themselves, with the hope that personal improvement will contribute the further improvement of the whole society.

Freemasonry tries to make from a good man a better man, reinforcing his character, improving his moral and spiritual vision, and widening his mental horizon.

Freemasonry is many things, but above all else, it is a lifestyle. Thus TO KNOW IT ONE MUST LIVE IT.



Obreros de Hiram nº 24 | Masonería CádizWhat is NOT Freemasonry?


It is not a religion, because it respects the personal belief of every freemason. In religiously plural countries, brethren of different religious faiths coexist with no problem.

Neither is Freemasony a political party. In Lodge it is not permitted to discuss about political or religious options.

Freemasonry is not a secret society. It was when belonging to it implied the risk of being killed by this or that authority. Freemasonry is currently registered in Spanish registry of associations, as every other legally constituted association. Therefore, there is nothing secret in its existence nowadays.

It is not a sect. A sectarian attitude is exactly the opposit of what Freemasonry seeks: Freedom of opinion, gathering, expression and action at a personal or social level is not restricted. You can quit whenever you want to.

The first evidence that Freemasonry is not a sect is that it does not proselytize, it does not look for new members. Joining is a personal decision of each man who decides to knock on our doors.

Neither is there in Freemasonry a head or guru whose power is not to be questioned, as there is in sects. Our officials are elected by voting and for a determined period of time.

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